Our Partners

Below you'll learn about the partners who make Bassett Hill possible. These include: 

  • Phyllis Johnson, who makes it possible for us to get our coffee from the farms. 
  • The Peixoto family, who grows our current offering.  
  • Angele Ciza, who owns the company that produces, processes, and exports one of our past offerings (and certainly not our last) 
  • Shared Roasting, the group who taught our founder how to roast and continues to provide guidance and mentorship. 

Phyllis Johnson

Phyllis Johnson is the co-founder and president of BD Imports, an award-winning green coffee importing company, focused on responsible sourcing of specialty coffees.  Often coffee drinkers never know who makes up the supply partners and what it takes to get coffee from the farm to the coffee roaster.  Phyllis has led BD Imports for many years and finds ways to make a difference.

In 2020 she founded The Coffee Coalition for Racial Equity, (CCRE) a non for profit that seeks to build racial equity in the coffee industry.

Phyllis’ work in social responsibility has won numerous awards including Responsible Business of the Year, Diverse Supplier of the Year and Barbara Jordan Award for Women’s Leadership.  

Phyllis is a pioneer in the women in coffee movement with over two decades of experience.  She led the formation of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance Chapters in East Africa and led initiatives around the globe helping to ensure that women are acknowledged and paid for their work.  She has consulted for the United Nations International Trade Centre and spoken at the World Trade Organizations and United Nations on the need to include the voices of women.

Phyllis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and a Master’s in Public Administration degree from the Harvard Kennedy School. 

Phyllis has served on numerous industry boards, is a speaker, and a published author, who has written about the inequities in the coffee trade. She is an advocate for what she believes works and for adding more diverse voices to the conversation.  

The Peixoto family

The Peixoto family from the region of Santo Antônio do Amparo, MG, Brazil have grown a coffee that absolutely blew us away. The first time we tasted this coffee, it was obvious how much love this entire family has put into growing something truly special.

Back in 1999, six of the Peixoto brothers purchased the farm and planted 27,000 coffee trees. They started out with just a few resources and continued to work together to grow and improve their farm. Today, the farm has 74,000 coffee trees. Each harvest, up to 15 family members show up to continue their tradition of working together.

Neide Peixoto (first photo) is the woman leading the way for the family’s next steps. Neide married one of the Peixoto brothers, Roberto, and they have three children (Lauriel, Humberto, and Gustavo). Their children along with several other Peixoto children are excited about the future of coffee. They see themselves carrying on the family farm. Over the past several years, the family has been focused on improving their quality. Neide has been attending training programs and participating in local quality competitions. She recently became a member of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance Brazil - Camp das Vertentes.

This coffee has notes of chocolate, honey, and orange. We can’t wait for you to try it!

Angele Ciza

Angele Ciza is a rarity in the coffee industry. In fact, she's the only woman in Burundi who curently controls production, processing, and exporting of her coffee. 

As the owner of Kalico, the company that exports this coffee, she is dedicated to both quality and uplifting women in her community. She employs about 100 women and helps pay the school fees for the children of her employees. She strongly believs that developing her country means developing women. 

Shared Roasting

Howard and Jeff at Shared Roasting taught me how to roast coffee! These folks are as passionate as they come and are dedicated to creating a positive and welcoming coffee culture in Brooklyn.